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Hoje no Armazém do Chá, Porto, concerto pelas 23h a confirmar da Banda d Viana do Castelo, Madame Godard. Para antecipar os ouvintes fica a sugestão no myspace:


Juvenal Vieira Vocals, Theremin and LyricsPedro Amaro Guitars, Banjo, Trumpet, Backing VocalsPaulo Oliveira Keyboards, Violin, ThereminPaulo Gonçalves Bass, Claps, Backing VocalsJosé RibeiroDrums and (no)Guns

About Madame Godard
Some members of a Punk-Rock band met some members of a Death-Metal band who met some Music Academy Students who met a Shower singer… Sounds weird?
Madame Godard started playing together during the breaks of other bands rehearsals, in an old studio near Viana do Castelo, Portugal. A new name for the studio, a Guitar, a Trumpet, a Violin, a Bass, some Drums and some Guns… The Script had a start, the Characters were ready… The Stage was set.
After six months of composing and rehearsing, the band members wanted to show their work to the general public. Best way? Running on Termómetro Unplugged, the biggest national garage bands contest. With some enthusiastic performances they managed their way to the final, finishing in a respectable second place. The most applauded gig of the night and the Radio Comercial Public Award were plenty for what they were trying to achieve… to capture the attention of a larger audience. Months later they were playing the main stage of The Paredes de Coura Festival with a 15 member Orchestra and invited guest Antonio Rafael from the popular cult band Mão Morta. According to the Festival's online poll, Madame Godard, along with The Gift, were voted the best Portuguese acts of the event. Since then they have impressed audiences around Portugal and Spain, in such distinguished festivals as Vilar de Mouros and Santirock. Along the way they shared stages with rock icons, Iggy Pop and Sonic Youth, as well as Lamb, Gomez, dEUS, Suede, just to name a few.
According to some media concert reviews, Madame Godard unveils an eclectic selection of musical settings and images, ranging from Retro-Pop Melodies to Tarantino soundscapes, South-American feel to Eastern Folkloric scenarios, Chanson Française to Antique Kitsch Harmonies. Geographic or Genre boundaries are not allowed. There are tunes composed of a whole bag of instruments. You can hear Beach Boys Theremins, Mariachi Trumpets, Beatles Chorus, Bohemian Violins, Piazzola accordions or Gainsbourg Keys. Madame Godard may step on dangerous soil but they rather take the risk than restrain their artistic journey.
During the Year of 2001 a few songs were recorded for their debut album, however, after two years of touring, two members quit the band due to personal reasons. The drummer, Rui Bento Alves, discovered the magic of photography and decided to dedicate himself full-time. Guitar player, Artur Fontinha, travel to Germany to finish his design degree. Madame Godard were now reduced to four and the debut never saw the light of day... After a long and pondering period, the band decided to take a no-term sabbatical holiday.
In the beginning of 2006 the remaining members invited a new drummer and started to rehearse some of their music. The creative process was back and caffeine fuelled. In late September the band had 15 new songs, plus 17 from the early stages.
El Dorado has one direction only… The Debut Album.
At the moment the band is recording its first LP at AMP Studios with Paulo Miranda, who produced some incredible albums from bands such as Old Jerusalem, The Unplayable Sofa Guitar, The Legendary Tiger Man, among others. The Album should be released in 2008. You can hear the preview here, or at their website www.madamegodard.com.
Madame Godard welcomes you.

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